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Image by Jordan Brierley

Let's Ride!!!

Rev up your engines and join the Ironhorse Motorsports family! We are a new and exciting company, founded in 2021 and proudly serving Australian riders with a unique experience. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

All About Me

Howdy y'all,


I'm Brad, the founder and owner of Ironhorse Motorsports. I work full time as an Electrician and High Voltage Underground Cable Jointer... and in my spare time I do Ironhorse things and ride as much as I can!!!


I've been on bikes since the very day I was legally allowed to ride on the road at 16. I spent 2 years riding in the U.K (where I originally come from) and in that time had an Honda NSR125 and Kawasaki ZXR400. At aged 18, I moved to Australia for a brighter future and better weather!! As soon as I got here, I was in the shop on Moss St, Slacks Creek, QLD and buying my first Aussie bike... this time, a ZX6R. I daily rode that bike for years until sadly, a fairly bad crash ended it all! Since then, I've become even more bike mad.... I've had more bikes than I can think of but currently own a Husqvarna Nuda 900 and a Kawasaki ZX6R 636  AND obviously started a bike business to share my passion and ideas!!

Being a bit of a larrikin in my youth, I decided a long time ago to try and do some good... you know, balance the books a little! I've donated regularly to charities, Go-Fund-Me campaigns and even done charity runs and rides! While I will continue to do this, I wanted to create a community where we can also, together, drive these initiatives! Ironhorse Motorsports will make donations through the year to charities close to our hearts and are also dedicated to planting trees in bushfire effected regions of Australia! 

On top of this, I will pull out all the stops to deliver regular prizes to our followers and customers through weekly draws, with prizes getting bigger and better the larger the following gets! I will bring you merchandise and accessories of the highest quality, that you can be proud to wear, with all proceeds going straight back into Ironhorse for more and more giveaways!!

I can't do this without you... but I promise with your help and my ideas, we can make something truly f***ing awesome!!!


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