Q: What is Ironhorse Motorsports all about?

A: Our aim is to raise money for charities close to all of our hearts and giveaway bikes and prizes to riders all over Australia. Our goal is to continue to build Ironhorse Motorsports and Motorbike Awareness in the public and also work towards some exciting deals with partners for you, our members!

Q: Who's behind Ironhorse Motorsports?

A: We're just two average blokes with a huge dream to change the motorcycle scene, have an absolute blast along the way and raise some money for charity! We apologise if response from us takes a while, and for occasionally being a little quiet. We both work full time jobs and 50+ hr weeks. It doesn't leave us much time for this and you guys, but we promise were trying our best!

Q: Is this legal?

A: There were many hoops we had to jump through, but Ironhorse Motorsports is a registered partnership between us (Ross and Brad). For the purpose of the bike giveaways we are running, we are only permitted to operate in; Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania. Our permit number is TP/01355

Q: Will you ever consider other states e.g. Western Australia, South Australia, ACT?

A: We want to be as inclusive as possible and certainly don't want to miss any of our fans and followers in those states. We are working towards being Australia wide, but baby steps for now, we're still young!

Q: I've paid for my Photo Package but haven't received my Digital Download link or Free Entries by email...

A: In the first instance, check your spam email. We're trying to figure out why some people are receiving their mail to their spam folder, but this has been an issue. If you are certain you haven't received the email, please do not hesitate to contact us to resolve the situation.

Q: I don't have any ticket numbers with my purchase

A: The third party draw system we use requires us to provide a list of every entry in a .csv file format. This is all automated through our website. If you purchase a bronze package, your name will be entered into the file one time. If you purchase a silver package, your name will be entered into the file three times, and so on.