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Yamaha MT-07

Updated: May 17, 2023

The Yamaha MT-07 is a popular motorcycle that has been around since 2014. It's a versatile machine that can handle different riding styles, whether it be commuting or carving up some twisty roads. In this review, we'll take a closer look at what the MT-07 has to offer.

First, let's talk about the engine. The MT-07 is powered by a 689cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine that produces 74 horsepower and 50 lb-ft of torque. It's a smooth and responsive engine that's easy to manage, making it a great choice for new riders. It's also fuel-efficient, with Yamaha claiming a combined fuel economy of 58 mpg.

The suspension on the MT-07 is adjustable, with a 41mm telescopic fork in the front and a link-type monoshock in the rear. It's set up on the firmer side, which provides good feedback and stability at higher speeds. The brakes are also up to par, with dual 282mm discs in the front and a single 245mm disc in the rear, providing ample stopping power.

The MT-07's styling is minimalistic and aggressive, with sharp lines and angles that give it a modern and sleek look. The digital instrument cluster is easy to read and provides all the necessary information, including a gear position indicator and fuel gauge. The seat is comfortable, with a narrow profile that makes it easy to reach the ground.

One of the MT-07's biggest selling points is its weight. At just 403 pounds wet, it's a lightweight machine that's easy to maneuver, making it ideal for urban riding. It's also narrow, which makes filtering through traffic a breeze.

In terms of handling, the MT-07 is a joy to ride. It's nimble and agile, with a neutral steering feel that inspires confidence in corners. The engine's power delivery is smooth and predictable, making it easy to modulate the throttle mid-corner. The only downside is that the suspension can be a bit harsh over rough roads, but that's to be expected with a sporty setup.

Overall, the Yamaha MT-07 is a fantastic motorcycle that's versatile, fun, and easy to ride. It's perfect for new riders who are looking for a machine that can do it all, from commuting to weekend rides. It's also a great choice for experienced riders who want a lightweight and agile machine that's still capable of some spirited riding

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