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How to size Motorcycle Gloves

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

If you get a good pair of motorcycle gloves, you're adding protection and comfort to your motorcycling experience. If they fit poorly, the will not only make riding not fun, they also don't perform very well when put to the test!

How to fit your new gloves

Different glove manufacturers have slightly different sizing. We've found that American manufacturers generally have shorter fingers with a little more room in the palm, whereas European manufacturers are the opposite, with less room in the palm and longer, thinner fingers. No matter who the manufacturer is, gloves should be snug all round, with your fingers filling the fingertips of the glove and no excessively loose spots anywhere.

Things to consider

  • Riding Style - There are many different types of glove depending on what kind of riding you're going to be doing. Will it mainly be street riding, do you need a full-gauntlet race glove or will it be a dirt bike glove?

  • Weather - There are many different weather conditions that can be catered for as well as seasons. Do you need them to be waterproof or are you riding when the skies are clear? Do you need a summer glove to allow riding in hotter climates all year round? These are variables to consider when purchasing gloves.

How to find the perfect fit

We recommend narrowing down your glove selection and then checking each gloves specified measurements. Grab yourself a measuring tape and measure your hand circumference/width. Double check these with the gloves you like and if they sizing's right, you should be set! We recommend heading into a store to try them on though and when you do here's what to do;

  • Work the gloves through the full range of motions you would expect to undertake on your bike. They should not limit your ability to use any of the controls in comfort and ease.

  • Ensure there's no binding, pinching or excessive bunching of the glove. This will lead to uncomfortable conditions on longer rides

  • The glove needs to be snug but not tight. A leather glove will stretch up to 10-15% after 20 or so hours riding, however, a textile glove will not.

We hope this helps you find the perfect glove! As Always, Ride Safe!

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