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The Unrideables

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

We recently watched a show called The Unrideables.... It was AWESOME!!!


The Unrideables is a show about the 500cc World Motorcycle Championship between 1987 and 1989. This was before our era (Brad and Ross) but those of you who watched it back in the day will remember it as a time full of huge names in racing, riders who were brave and fierce and bikes that were complete animals!

Our very own Aussie hero Wayne Gardner took on the world's best riders on his Honda NSR500, beating the likes of Kevin Schwantz, Eddie Lawson, Ron Haslam, Wayne Rainey, Christian Sarron, Niall Mackenzie to a world title in 1987!

(Image: KTM Blog - Heroes Wayne Gardner)

The show has many interviews with all of the riders mentioned and a few more! Our Aussie legend Wayne talks about his bike and many race events. He sums up these machines perfectly when he explained you only need to roll on the throttle the tiniest bit more than you did before and you could well find yourself flying through the air on the way to pain city!

Re-watching old racing really is something else! Some of our favourite racing to watch was from this time and some of our favourite riders too! If you're a bike fan and love riders who push the bikes to their absolute limits and you love bikes that are just absolute animals, this is a must watch!!

There is a "The Unrideables 2" which we're yet to watch. Both are available through and for only $5.99 a month you really can't go wrong! There are hours and hours of on demand videos from across all motorsports as well as over 1000 livestream events per year and coverage of over 125 racing series!

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